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My heart is completely broken watching my hometown burn...Where I drove to ride my horses everyday, going up into where my father lives... More than 75,000 acres of beautiful Californian land.. I hope everyone is safe... I hope our animals are safe.. i hope our babies, mothers, fathers, sisters brothers are safe...I hope our schools are safe... I can't believe this fire has erupted into something so huge. My love prayers and light are going to my friends, family and everyone in the Los Angeles/ Ventura area that are affected or suffering right now... My thoughts are with those who are having to relocate.. who lost everything... and thank you to the firefighters and workers in the city that are risking their lives to help ours. I will be putting a few links in my bio of how to help, donate and shelters that need us. Here are some to search in the mean time: Thomas Fire Fund, Salvation Army, Red Cross, The Humane Society of Ventura County (They have taken in over 100 animals), I am also looking into Go Fund Me pages for people who have directly affected. #LAsticktogether. I love you all so much

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